We strive to offer the best service in the area.  Our reviews speak as to our reputation.  We welcome your comments as well.

     "Brandon did a fine job of explaining what the best approach would be for both tree and roof health. He had a crew that allowed him to complete the job rather quickly and did a great job of cleaning up ALL of the debris. He also (as requested) wound up and concealed an abandoned satellite dish cable that had been hanging down at eye level for a long time."

     "Don't go any farther, these are your guys to get a professional, speedy, beautifully executed job done. This was my second time using Brandon. They were excellent the first time and again were just perfect. I would highly recommend them. These guys are trustworthy and just a pleasure to work with. When they leave your property it looks like they were never there. The clean up spectacular. Just all around great company to work with."

     "The tree (almost 40' tall) had to be limbed because it was too close to my home and my neighbor's home to fell it. The limbs extended over the roof of my home about about 10' over my neighbor's backyard. The crew arrived and had the tree down and all debris removed within one and a half hours. I was amazed. There was no damage done to the surrounding area, and all debris (limbs, leaves, branches, trunk) was removed completely. My neighbor across the street from my home told me afterwards that she had observed the entire process and was also amazed, especially at how clean the yard was left afterwards. I hate the idea of removing trees, but if I ever have to have one removed again, I will definitely call Brandon."

     "Brandon trimmed trees and cut down a couple of trees. They were very responsive when setting up an appointment and very prompt to arrive. They did a very good job."

     "Had a huge tree cut down. Workers responded in a timely manner and did not take long to cut this tree down. After they finished, the cleanup was excellent."

     "Had a large tree fall in yard, still leaning in a semi dangerous place. Called Brandon at 6 PM, they came by that night, we agreed to a price, they started next morning. A team of well trained, friendly, polite guys worked hard all day. Ended up taking out 2 big hardwoods, a few big pines, and several small trees. Price was probably very good for amount of work. My neighbors saw them working and hired them as well.  A+"

     "Took out approximately 33 trees from the front, side and back yard. Most were large pines and sweet gum that required climbing/limbing and removal. All went as described and planned over two long days. The crew was large, but varied with up to 8 on site at one time. All were very polite and professional. I would definitely use them again."

     "Went great! Initial contact was on a Friday and work began the next Monday. Crew included an owner. They were fast and neat and pleasant. We have a steep incline but terrain didn't slow them. Seemed very professional. Work was completed on time and on estimate."

      "Brandon did a great job.  He was prompt, and very responsive in scheduling the appointment.  His crew knew what they were doing, and did a great job and left the area clean.  I've had a lot of trees taken down and would highly recommend him."

      "Brandon came out for the estimate the same day I called. He spent between 20 and 30 minutes looking over the tree and explaining everything us. He explained that there was nothing wrong with the tree and that it did not need to be removed.  He seemed to be knowledgeable and knew what he was talking about."

     "Very smooth operation. Trees had to be carefully de-limbed as my pool and privacy fence was only a few feet away. The neighbors house was also quite close.  All went very well with no mishaps. All debris was cleaned up and removed. I was amazed it only took a little over 3 hours from start to finish.  Several workers scurried around each knowing just what to do, like a well oiled machine!  Great job!"

      "It was perfect. They did a real good job. We have few extra things added to it and we were very pleased. They were just very efficient and they did their job in a very timely manner. I would definitely use them again in the future."